#SmartAuthorTips: Help Other Writers

Rupp and Wicks#150Ave One of my favorite memories from our celebration last night was spending a few moments with longtime AVE authors Joyce Rupp and Robert Wicks, whose books Fragments of Your Ancient Name and Streams of Contentment sit on my bookshelf at home. Their friendship is evident in how they greet one another, teasing each other as only old friends can.

“I’ll never forget the time a reader came up to me at a conference and asked me to sign a book for her. ‘Sure!’ I said — then I looked down and saw it was one of yours,” Bob chided Joyce. “‘But this isn’t my book!’ I said to the woman. ‘I know,’ she replied. ‘Yours were all sold out, so I bought this instead.'”

Joyce laughed. “Yes, the same thing happened to me a few months later. I always suspected a plant!”

This gift of friendship is one of the most important assets in any author’s tool belt. Helping authors make these kinds of connections is also one of the greatest sources of satisfaction of my work.

What can you do today to give another writer a hand up? Read a draft? Promote on your blog? Write a blurb? Recommend a speaker? Every little gesture of friendship weaves a bright tapestry of support that will keep you warm not just in the moment, but for a lifetime.

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