Feed Your Inner Genius #Tips4Writers

Cowboy GilHeading out for a long weekend, driving up to our family cottage up near Traverse City. Fifty acres of trees and trails. Limited internet connection. Burgers on the back porch grill. Heaven.

The next weekend, I’m heading down to Charleston, S.C. to hobnob with a fabulous group of women at the Edel Gathering July 10-12. I understand they won’t be holding this event next summer, so it may be my last change to make a fool of myself with the karaoke machine for the foreseeable future. (Since my kids are old enough not to require a visit from “Cowboy Gil.”)

July 20, I’m heading to New Jersey for the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show and Catholic Writer’s Conference. A whole week of seeing who’s who and what’s what.

What these three things have in common (besides the obvious traveling motif) is that each of these things give me an opportunity to “prime the pump,” as it were. Editors, like writers, rely on their creative juices to do their best work.

Inspiration is a guest that does not willingly visit the lazy.

Pyotr Tchaikovsky

How do YOU feed your “inner genius”?

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