7 Second Test (Part III): Creating Your “Cover” (query)

The front cover’s job is to attract the intended audience of the book, and to communicate the “felt need” of that demographic that the book addresses. In the Catholic market, there is a wide range of audiences represented — a spectrum of theological, social, cultural, and generational considerations and needs. Take a look at these covers. Who do you think these books are trying to reach? What do these covers say to you?

A Long Way Home red Dark Bride Holy Sex Sinner's Guide to NFP Unleashed

The “cover” of a proposal is the query letter — that first contact you have with an editor of a prospective publishing house. Your ability to convey the right message is crucial to landing that contract. The right title/subtitle, author bio, elevator pitch, and endorsements can make all the difference!

2 thoughts on “7 Second Test (Part III): Creating Your “Cover” (query)

  1. I bought Dark Bride after reading the first Gates book in the series, but I’m too afraid to pick it up and read it because the cover scares me. Maybe the cover is too effective?!

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