Blessings of Networking

#Tips4Writers. The other day I was reminded once again of just how long-lasting the connections and impressions we make can be. I was thinking particularly within the publishing industry, but I suppose the same could be said for all kinds of personal connections that we make each day, often without realizing the significance.

blessed-are-youLast week I received a gracious note from Melanie Rigney, reminding me of just how far our connections went! Melanie is a veteran writer and author of several wonderful books including Blessed Are You: Finding Inspiration from Our Sisters in Faith (Franciscan Media).

She asked if she could write about me in her e-newsletter. If you would like to be on Melanie’s mailing list, contact her at Melanie(at)melanierigney(dot)com. Melanie wrote:

Heidi Hess Saxton and I first crossed virtual paths nearly twenty years ago when I was the editor of Writer’s Digest magazine and she was a freelance writer. She was the kind of freelancer I enjoyed working with—always on time, her articles hitting the mark in terms of content and length. Flash forward a few years and this time I was the one pitching an article to her, an article that never quite worked. We met in person for the first time in the summer of 2015, and it as if we’d known each other forever. Recently, Heidi was downsized, as happens to way too many good people in publishing these days. I was struck by the grace she showed in sharing the news. As she said on her Ask a Catholic Editor blog, “I’m sure God will give me another opportunity where I can (help authors), and do it well. And if he doesn’t… well, I’ll just wait on him until he shows me what he DOES want me to do.” Heidi shows me that God’s detours don’t have to result in spiritual upheaval.

Thanks, Melanie, for the encouraging reminder!

4 thoughts on “Blessings of Networking

  1. That is lovely! I crossed paths with Melanie last spring, and did an interview for her blog. She was so lovely to work with. Blessings to you, Heidi, in all new endeavors.


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